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7DRL for 2022.  Place tiles to create your labyrinth, try to get to the stairs down while surviving the denizens of the dungeon.  Random powerups will appear throughout the world that you can build your dungeon towards.

You get 2 moves per turn, place a tile, move, attack, or any combination of those three.  

Good luck.

* PS - this thing has some bugs, it will crash or lock up.  Play it in windowed mode.

Note:  Every year I think, I'm going to keep the scope small and make a nice, polished, bite sized roguelike... and then I get a wild idea a couple days before, and I end up with this over scoped mess of a project.  I think there are some enjoyable aspects to this thing, but it definitely needs a day 1 patch.  And a day 2 patch.

Probably a day 3 patch too...


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I quite like it, it reminds me of an 80s Games Workshop board game called DungeonQuest. One note though: the tile depicted usually doesn't match the one you pick up (e.g. you click on a straight corridor and pick up a dead end square). Is that intentional or a bug?

Yeah, the tiles not matching is totally a feature... I mean bug.  It has to do with the game not realizing there's already a tile on that spot and stacks a second one on top of it.  When you click the tile you have a pretty good chance of getting the one on the bottom.  Just chalk it up to the Game Master being a jerk.

I love the big chunky dice in the sky! Getting those tiles to line up to where you want to go is addictively challenging -- a really nice variation on the roguelike map system.

(Small bug: I picked up gold but the gold counter in the upper left didn't update.)

Very possible, there are bunch of "fun" bugs in this thing.  Though, if that's the worst bug you found, you're doing really good.  We can chalk this up to you finding some foreign gold with a really horrible exchange rate, so it basically equates to 0.