This is my 7DRL Challenge entry.  It's a fantasy take on the classic Clue game.

It runs really slow in the browser, if you can't see your player's health in the top left corner of the screen, go full screen.

 I suggest the downloadable version.  Windows only, I'm afraid.  

There are a few glitches.  If you are having trouble moving, move a different direction and try again.  If you have a blank window pop up, just move away from the person or monster you're interacting with.  Moving away from an NPC or Monster will close the interaction window.


ClueRL for 21 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract.  Double click on the "7DRL 2020" executable.  Enjoy.


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Very interesting take on Clue! I'd love to see this taken further. 

Loved the tongue and cheek forth wall breaking in the intro ;)

Great work :D