2 Player game using the PICO-8 standard controls...  follow the directions onscreen.

THERE IS A FEATURE THAT REQUIRES 2 PLAYERS!!!!!  You need to have 2 players alive and be at the boss to do it.

I went ahead and shortened the boss timer so it didn't take so long to get to through this version of the game.  Hopefully that won't disqualify me.  If you want to see the original version, in all it's glory (5 minutes to get to the boss instead of the 2) click the link below (although I've been told 5 minutes of shooting bad guys is boring....).

Download and play or head on over to https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=29645 to play it in the browser.  Thanks for checking it out!


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Ok, well... it looks like I broke a bunch of things the last time I "fixed" it.  Now the aspect ration should work and the game should be the way it should be.  Hopefully I didn't break a whole bunch more stuff...

Thanks for the heads up.  It looks like it's fixed now and you should be able to play the game here... though it's possible that that's not a good thing.

The viewport area is too small for the game; it's cut off. You can fix it in the game's dashboard page near the bottom under "Viewport dimensions."


Hey, it looks like you uploaded your game incorrectly. You should wrap the files together, including the index.html, in a zip file then upload that.